• 04 august 2014

    Brand new block explorer for FCN.

    Hey folks!

    imready2rock created new block explorer for FCN - It's really awesome made blockchain - definitely worth checking out.

  • 04 july 2014

    Happy Birthday Bytecoin (BCN)!

    On this great day I would like to take a moment and congratulate Bytecoin with it's Birthday from the FCN community!
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Merged mining with Bytecoin (BCN),
Monero (MRO) or QuazarCoin (QCN)
PoW algorithm: CryptoNight
Emission curve
22 => 50% coins will be emitted
in 6 years
Difficulty retargets every block 60 seconds block target Block reward decreases according
to the formula
(264 - 1 - A) * 2-22 * 10-12)
where A = supply mined to date